Friday, November 30, 2007

Video's That ROCK The World

I was flipping through the channels last night, and I flipped past "Video's that Rocked the World", and immediately, I was intrigued, so I went back. It is on FUSE at 11pm Mon.-Fri.. It takes a video, and people speak about it and why it made it's "mark" in music history. Last night it was Run DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." It was a pivotal moment in music history because it was the first time anyone ever blended hip-hop and Rock and Roll together. Something also transpired in the crowd on the set of the video, but I missed a little of it. It is a classic, unforgettable video. Aerosmith-amazing, Rock and Roll Icons, Hall of's hard to explain why Steven Tyler's dance moves and attire are acceptable-but they just are. Imagine Steven Tyler being your Dad? better....close your eyes, and imagine YOUR Dad ACTING like Steven Tyler. I know everyone laughed out loud right there. The next show was a show called "Loaded", and it was all Aerosmith video's. I am assuming that the shows go together? But I don't know. But if so, tonight is going to be KILLER, because the Video That Rocked the World is "Welcome to the Jungle"..G N'R. Then if they play all G N'R video's on the next show? SWEET!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I need a husband

Write this date down, because these words rarely ever leave my lips. Anyone that knows me knows this. What do I need a husband for, I have been "borrowing" my sisters husband since I can remember. He's a great husband too. He has been in my life since I was 11, and he is my "go to" man. He is one of my many blessings. Well my "surrogate" husband was at the beach with his real wife this weekend, so I was out of luck. While other women look at being a single mother as a burden, or maybe like they have been short changed, I thank God for my children, and for giving the ability and health to be able to get the job done, and I am pretty damn good at it if I might say so myself. I am the bread winner, the housekeeper, the cook, the laundry service, the chauffer, the playmate, the nurse, and oh yeah-the mother. I am one of those typical people that think they can do it all by themselves. I know this is a terrible outlook, and it's not the way life is intended to be lived. But I have to say this Sunday and Monday, I prayed for God to bring me a good man. Head out to the car to go to church Sunday morning to start "The best series ever" at Elevation Church, and my car is dead as a door nail. What a dumb phrase-a door nail was never alive to begin with. Anyway without rambling, I had to bother 3 neighbors on a Sunday morning to find jumper cables, and the stinkin' thing still wouldn't start. I needed a new battery. My Mom takes me to buy a battery-they saw me coming too, because they sold me "The best battery they had". You know how that goes. Get home, and I will admit that the only tool I own is a hammer that I swiped from my surrogate husband...long story short it took my elderly neighbor over an hour to change my battery. What a sweet man. He's getting a Thanksgiving Cheesecake FO SHO. NEXT-Monday I go to the doctor, and she tells me "Go to the emergency room". Ugh. I wasn't going to go, but I did. I have Bronchitis and the start of pneumonia. GREATNESS. That's all I need. Worked Fri, Sat., Sun., night at the restaurant with it too. I'm a machine! LOL. Point of this story is that like 3 nurses said to me..."Are you here alone?" "Did you come here alone?" By the third one it took all I had not to say " Here is a lemon, would you like to squeeze it in my paper cut?" My moms hooked me up and came over, made dinner, and took care of my babies for me while I lay half dead in the bed. My son has never seen his mother lay down and do nothing. He kept saying "Get up Mommy...GET UP! Stand up Mommy!" As if to say-what in the world are you doing laying down before 11pm? So I am admitting today that there are times that I wished I had a husband. To rub my hair while I'm sick, change a battery, do an oil change. I'm old school, I'll do the womanly duties, you do the manly ones. If you know any man suitors worthy of such a fine woman, send them my way. JUST JOKES.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fashion 101

Let me start this off by saying that this is MY opinion. There are fashions that will be on my "can't do it" list, that many women I know can ROCK. These are just my personal preferences. Also please consider the source. An Italian "Guido" from New York, and proud of it. I love stiletto's, sequence, beads, fur collars, rhinestones, big earrings, high fashion glasses, pointed boots-you get the picture.

Gotta have it

Boots in black and brown-up to the knee. I can't stand when someone sits down, and you can see where their boot ends.
Black, Brown, and a RED purse. Love the red accent. One pair of red shoes too.
Costume Jewelry-real jewelry is beautiful, costume jewerly accents an outfit better.
A pair of "old school" sneakers.(Nike's with know, Puma's)
Assortment of flip-flops
Large silver hoops
1 or 2 pairs of sexy shoes. (Mine include 4 inch lepoard peep toe pumps)
Little Black Dress
Favorite Jeans
A red shirt-this took me years. Not the first color I pick up. Great for the holiday season.
Wide bottom sweats
skull caps
Thermal shirts to go under t-shirts. Another "old school" look.

Can't do it

These first few are only appropriate for 6 foot tall "glasses of water" to quote my Grandmother.
Skinny Jeans
Sweater dresses
jeans tucked in the boot

Colored Jeans
Capri's and boots(I know this is very popular-I just can't do it)
Tights or stockings of any kind-even in the winter.
FLATS-those little rounded toe flats. I wish I could send them back to the 80's where they belong. I know half the world wears them.
Black Jeans
Turtle Necks(another popular one. I start to choke just looking at them)
Visible Bra strap with ANY type of shirt UNLESS it is the same exact color. When I see a bra strap with a halter, I want to call the fashion Po-Po.
Another personal one that many people wear. Any shirt that has a tie that ties around the back. My immediate thought-Maternity wear.
A busted pedicure-put some sneakers on girl.
Acrylic Nails
High waisted pants. Even Hollywood women look awful in these.

Aaahhhh...that was fun. I could do this all day....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dodge Ball

Let's break this down...shall we? Dodge Ball-dodge the ball that is being whipped at you full force by one of your best buddies. This is a game that swept Elementary Schools across the nation in the 70's and early 80's. I recall the anxiety on gym day as a rather small, little girl. The best part-we played this game coed no less. So Big Bad Billy was front and center, looking for his next victim. It blows my mind how this was a part of the curriculum back in the day and approved by the school board. Who thought of this? Were they sitting around one day and some twisted person said "You know what would be cool? If we gave the kids those rubber red balls and let them just beat each other down with them until the tears busted loose!" I often wonder if this was the teachers way of ensuring that certain kids get their butt's whipped because they couldn't do it themselves (just kidding). Anyone that reads this and is old enough to know first hand-this game was no joke. Not a gym day went by that someone didn't take a shot in the ear, or in the nose, or in parts where things just aren't meant to be thrown full force at. Not one class went by where someone wasn't crying, with a beat red ear, or a bent back finger. Hurt, AND embarrassed all in one shot. What a way to boost a child's self esteem. I'm glad someone came along and decided to say "You know what, I don't think this is a safe game for 5-10 year olds to be playing. Let's get rid of this game." I'm glad for my kids, and for myself. If one of my kids came home and told me they "took one for the team" by catching a rubber red ball with their face in gym class today, I wouldn't want them to have to suffer the humiliation when "Momma Bouche'" walked into the school that day to address the issue.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

When it rains, it POURS...

Well, my day started with taking both of my children to Urgent Care because they are not feeling well. Not only did I come to find that both of my children have a sinus/ear infection, I also found out that my co-pay goes up when I take them to Urgent Care verses the pediatrician. So, I started my day off $60.00 broker then I expected. Once again, thank God for The Cheesecake Factory...anyway, then off to my nephews b-day party, and on my way home, as I looked in the back seat of the car and realized that I aquired 2 more lovely little girls (aka-my nieces) I cringed at the thought of bringing all 4 of them into Riteaid to fill the prescriptions for my kids that I never filled earlier because I am a professional procrastinator. SO, off we go into RiteAid. 50 minutes later, YES 50 minutes after my son trashed the store throwing a baseball all over, moving all of the candy that I can't for the life of me figure out why it is on a childs eye level, and my 3 girls checked their blood pressure about 4 times each, we were on our way with the prescriptions. We get home, we get out of the car, and I hear the blasting of the band at my church getting prepared for tomorrows worship experience. I was excited! I told the kids..."Listen, hear the music? That's our band getting ready for tomorrow!".....So I grab my 47 bags and purse and diaper bag and blah blah blah....and head for the stairs. Scoop my son up so we can go into the house and eat...and BOOM. The Riteaid bag got away from me. I didn't think much of it, until the smell of antibiotic came flowing up my nose. For the first time in my 34 years of life, I received 2 prescriptions in a GLASS bottle. By the time I got up the stairs, the meds were gone, seeping into the paper bag they came in. Can you believe? First the $60 bucks, then 4 kids in riteaid for 50 minutes, and then throw the cherry on top with now NOTHING to show for it. Called Riteaid-had to call Urgent Care-get a new prescription-it is being filled, and somehow they are beating me for another $10.00. I'm done. Stick a fork in me. The meds will get picked up tomorrow. If I deserve the "Bad Mommy" award-then so be it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

No she didn't......

My daughter. She tried to pull her very first (of many I'm sure) "let me stuff this in my bag and put it on when I get to school....." On Monday, her grandfather bought her a new pair of flip flops. Well, all week long she has tried relentlessly every morning to wear them. I told her every morning that it is too cold for flip flops-put them away until the spring. I know this may not seem like a very big deal, but it is to me, and I will tell you why. Everytime I see a child at school with shorts on in the winter, or any other type of wardrobe malfunction, my very first thought is....."Where is her mother?" Well I intend never to be that mother that the other mothers are talking about. So anyway, she goes to her Dad's last night, deliberately puts the flip flops in her school bag, and slips through the cracks over there and wears them to school. In conversation with Alex this morning, he told me there was an argument about the flip flops, and that she went to school in them. You better believe I marched myself right up to that school with a pair of socks and sneakers. I was HOT. How dare she go behind my back and be sneaky like that. I wanted to go straight to her classroom, and call her out and make her put them on, but they wouldn't let me. So I called her down to the office-she was white as a ghost. I STERNLY told her that she went behind my back, and now I don't know if I can trust her....and I went on and on a bit to get my point across. She was looking all around as if to say "Your embarrassing me Mom". I was waiting for her to say it too...because my response would have been.."Well you embarrassed me by coming to school in flip flops in 40 degree weather. As long as I am clearly still in charge of her wardrobe-what I say goes! I did get a written apology though....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My "unusual" hatred for Stuffed Animals

I really do absolutely hate them. They are a complete waste of money. I think they should become extinct. They are useless, dust collecting, clutter making, stuffed fur balls that serve absolutely no purpose. I despise them so much to the point that when I had my son, I specifically told everyone I knew NOT to buy him any stuffed animals. My daughter stuffed him 1 bear at build-a-bear and left it undressed-and that is the only one he has SO FAR in his 2 years(almost) of life. My daughter has several,(excluding all of the ones that I loaded up in a garbage bag when she wasn't looking over the years) and they pile in a corner of her room. I feel dirty just looking at them. Some of them are even the cheap ugly ones that you win at carnivals-you know the hideous "Hot Pink" ones holding some ugly rose....but she won it, so how do I throw it out? I told her tonight that when she wasn't home I threw every single stuffed animal she owned in the trash. She said..."Don't even SPEAK to me Mom!" So I had to tell her I was just joking with her. I am guessing by her reaction that I will be looking at those stinkin' stuffed animals for a while longer. Great.......

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where do the socks go?

Has anyone been able to solve this Mystery? I bet even Scooby Doo can't figure this one out. I just folded laundry, and I have SEVEN socks that don't have a match. They are all white. I would have never guessed that over time my children and I come up with 7 different styles of white socks. Who knew? And where are the socks? I periodically look behind the machine, I look in our drawers, and I put them to the side. I would say 50% of them show up, but I would still love to know where the other socks go? Does the machine eat them? And if so, which machine? Washer or dryer? Why socks, and never small pairs of underwear? Or does that happen too, but you just don't notice because there isn't another one that has no match? I think this is a mystery that will haunt us all forever.