Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am sometimes accused of making my daughter do too many chores. NONSENSE! She does chores all week, and she gets allowance on Fridays. Which is only for incentive because I don't think you should have to pay your children to help you take care of the house that you live in! Yeah. I'm mean. So What. My daughter will be 10 in a few weeks. Currently, she empties and loads the dishwasher, sets and cleans the table, cleans, dusts, and vacuums her room, and makes her bed. I put her clothes in her room, and she is responsible for putting them away, and hanging them up. Right away I might add. I also have her wipe down her bathroom, and I am not afraid to hand her rubber gloves and a toilet bowl brush. She also will "swift" the hardwood floor. She is ALSO my second set of hands for my son at times.

SO, the question is....Why do I do this? Do I do this for my benefit, or hers? Certainly not mine. Of course due to time and experience, I can do much a better job. I often have to go over things that she has done, of course, when she's not looking. I certainly do not do this for me.

I am grooming my daughter to be a good wife, mother, and housekeeper. These will be the most important jobs that she has in life. I am all for the working woman, women with career dreams and goals, but being a good mother and housewife is a MUST. I believe that the way a woman keeps her home is a reflection of herself-not her husband. That's just the way it is. I want these things to be so bred naturally in her that when she goes through the transition from daughter to wife, or daughter to college student(although I will die if my kids want to go AWAY to school) she won't struggle with all of the many many responsibilities. Being the baby of four, I never had to do much. When I went out on my own, I struggled BIG TIME. It took me years, and I'm still working on it. I'm doing her a favor by instilling these things in her at a young age. She will Thank me some day...I hope.

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Re-Re said...

One thing I know for sure - my niece makes a mean scrambled egg!!! As a matter of fact she made scrambled eggs for a group of 8 at my house on Sunday morning.