Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do you know a "McGyver"?

Do you? I think everyone knows 1 or 2 McGyvers. You know...someone that can make something, out of what appears to be nothing? I know I am throwing my age out there, but this was a prime time T.V. show when I was growing up. For those of you who don't know who McGyver is, he was always saving the day with his home made contraptions. Big Alex is a McGyver-all the way. He can "rig" almost anything when need be. He has a full workshop at his house, with all that he needs to "McGyver" just about anything. My friend Billy-he's the biggest McGyver I know. He has added an entire upstairs on to his house-almost by himself with the exception of a framer and maybe little help here and there. Can you imagine? My friend Siobhainin(sha-vaun-nin), his wife, wanted a....what are they called....it's like an archway, that you can put at the opening of your yard...some people get married under them.....well she wanted one, so Billy gathered up the left over wood that was lying around the house-and wala! And it's beautiful. My brother-in law Joe is a McGyver as well. He installed an entire Bose system in his house. The speakers are IN the walls, throughout the house. In their bedroom, living room, in the yard...with no wires...anywhere.....the speakers are not free standing, they are cut outs in the walls. You know you have to have McGyver in your blood to be able to do something like that. Music in every room you walk into throughout the house-that would be a dream come true for me! So think about it....do you know a McGyver?

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Anonymous said...

oh i KNOW a McGyver!!!!! actually a few and have been called one myself. You know me and Billy KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!! ask Amber ;)