Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"The Italian Princess"

Okay, Robert called me an Italian Princess the other day. He was refering strictly to the way I dress, and nothing else. He is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, with a sequence and high heel kind of girl. Who cares though-it's just clothes-right? I have to say I thought it was hilarious that he refered to me as a princess. At first, it hit a nerve. So my response was this......

"Really? I had no idea "Italian Princesses" worked 60 hours a week and filled the rest of their time with laundry, cooking & cleaning! I also didn't know Italian Princesses have the same wardrobe for 4 years with the expception of a few items because they deliberately buy timeless clothes to get the most use out of them! And I definitley didn't know Italian Princesses drive 10 year old trucks because it is paid for and I intend to drive it until I have to pick it up and run with it Freddie Flinstone style! and I'm SURE Italian Princesses go get mani/pedi's on a regular basis unlike myself who managed to spill a bottle of red nail polish on my COUCH trying to save money on a pedi. (I got it out-Thank Goodness!)"
Disclaimer: Robert read this and is forcing me to inform you that HE got the stain off the couch cushion with about a week of hard work. He also said, I'm still an Italian Princess.

Hey, I can't say I wouldn't love to be an "Italian Princess", but there are definitley no Italian Princesses in this house.

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Re-Re said...

Colleen - I love you!!! You are so funny.

Now be honest if you could be an "Italian Princess" over a "Hamster in a wheel" you would do it in a minute!!! SO WOULD I....