Monday, April 21, 2008

Mommy Corbett-Part 2

My mother sent me this email. Nothing like starting the morning with a good cry. I'm glad I chose not to wear make-up today.

Your last name is not the only link you have to Daddy-you are him. Your skin, the
softness of your body, his feet and his hands, Daddy lives in you, you feel just like
him. I love you....


Anonymous said...

AWE ROSIE!!!!!! that is soooo nice!!

Re-Re said...

Daddy lives in all of us in different ways. I see it clearly.

Danny - is totally like him in the work ethic and drive. And he does for his employees like they are family and friends.

You - your features are 90% Corbett - you represent his mother all the way.

Me - my house is the gathering place - party central. And I am a bright and early person!!! I also keep my kids close to me and Joe - just like he did with us.

Patty - nutty as she is she has a strong sense of family and wanting better for her children.