Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mommy Corbett

Okay, a brief back round for those of you who don't know. My last name is Corbett. I was born a Corbett, I have never been married. At this point if I ever marry, I think I would be sad to give up my name, and one of my only connections to my Daddy that I have left. But I would, of course. My children have their fathers last name, which is Delemo. Amber Michelle Delemo, and Alexander John Delemo III. They all have "A" names, they are all Delemo's.....somehow although I carried them and I gave birth to both of them naturally with NO DRUGS, I seem to be the outsider. So there's the back round, now here is the post.

My son had this conversation with the director of his school this morning, and I don't care what you say, he's one of the smartest 28 month old children you will ever meet. I don't care who you are. He's so articulate. And his comprehension level amazes me, and most people that spend 3 or more minutes with him.

Miss Katie: What's your name? (I'm not sure why, she knows very well who he is.)
Alex: Alex. Alex Delemo
Miss Katie: How about your sister?
Alex: Amber Delemo

"My Mommy is not a Delemo. She is a Corbett. Mommy is a Corbett"

COME ON. She said she had wished another adult was in the room with her because she didn't think anyone would believe her that he said that. This is not something I drill into my sons head. I don't even address it really. Amber's friends innocently call me Mrs. Delemo, and I don't see the harm. I answer them, and I don't correct them. I figured why explain it to them, they may or may not grasp the concept. Well, my 28 month old grasps the concept just fine, now doesn't he.

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Anonymous said...

and i am bhainin....hehhe for some reason him and liss do that!!!! no really, just call me Mrs. Newlands, its all good! i get that from ry's friends too, but WHATEVER! that kid (AJD III) is a PIP, as nanny resa would say...
gotta lot of blogs AND e-mails to read, which is why i'm keeping it short!
luv from LI