Thursday, April 3, 2008

They Don't Make 'em Like They Usta

Not to offend, but both the Big Screen and the small screen have let me down in my older years. What happened to the oldie but goodies? When television was for entertainment purposes only? Reality T.V.? I have my own reality, why would I want to watch someone else's reality that I don't even know and don't even care about? T.V. is to ESCAPE reality for an hour or so. I don't even watch television. No Desperate Housewives, No Grey's Anatomy, No Lost. I have never watched one reality show in my life. Not Survivor, not American Idol, not Dancing with the Stars not The Bachelor....none of it. I have zero interest in any of it. If I had to say a few shows that I may watch here and there, it would be....House....Cold Case.....George Lopez show is pretty funny....late night Law and Order re-runs.......and I have a slight addiction to cheesy Soap Operas from time to time that has been handed down from generation to generation. The last 3 movies I saw...

Atonement-human bobble head in the movie theater-I am starting to think I have a sleeping disorder. I went to bed at 7:30 last night.

Sweeney Todd-This was a bizarre musical/horror film. It was dark and dreary from start to finish. All I wanted was for them to stop singing.

I am Legend-Not a feel good movie by no means. When I hear Will Smith-I think FUNNY. Between this one and the pursuit of's time for a comedy.

Whatever happened to the perpetual Blockbusters like...Back to the Future? Rocky? (the first 3 on both), Beverly Hills Cop? Tango and Cash? Ghost? Karate Kid? The Outsiders? Trading Places? The Terminator? Full Metal Jacket? Die Hard? and so on and so on?
Televisions shows that I grew up with...some cheesy, some classics-none the less, they all beat out television of today.

I Love Lucy
Gilligans Island
Different Strokes-what-cho talkin' 'bout Willis?
Sanford and Son-THIS IS THE BIG ONE!
Good Times- DY-NO-MITE!!!!!!!!!!!
The Jeffersons-George and Weesie
What's Happening-hey hey hey!
Wonder Woman
The Bionic Man
Night Rider
Three's Company
Dukes of Hazard-I saw this recently-CHEESE, but I liked it then.
Little House on the Prairie
The Hulk
Family Ties
Growing Pains
Fresh Prince
All in the Family-Meathead, DingBat, the list goes on........
Knots Landing
Hart to Hart

I can't even get into cartoons, or the post will be much too long. But they don't make those like they Usta eitha.

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Anonymous said...

Knight Rider is coming back

oooooo and Magnum PI movie coming soon!!!! the problem is: something happened to us, society and technology happened to us because, there never as good as they WERE!!!!!
ahhhhhhh, the good ole days.......
i dont care what any of ya cheesy soaps get better and better!!! (AMC and GH are as old as me and going strong) hehe ;)
p.s. Old Carly became Claudia