Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Very Random Wednesday Thoughts

1. I am thoroughly disgusted that $40 bucks only gets me a 1/2 tank of gas.
2. Miley Cirus' parents dropped the ball. BIG TIME.
3. I had such feelings of pride rather than embarrassment at my nieces communion when in the dead of silence in the church my son screamed out on the top of his lungs.."There's JESUS!"
4. The humiliation that I DO feel with my sons very vocal and tangible obsession with women's "boobies".
5. I ponder how my children could be so opposite. My daughter has been waving goodbye to me since birth with ease, and my son grips on for dear life every morning at school. My son is happy-go-lucky, and my daughter is Oscar the GROUCH.
6. I got a speeding ticket trying to avoid a "tardy" for Amber this morning. So she got a tardy, and a I got a speeder. GREAT JOB MOM. 4 hour class, here I come. YUCK.
7. I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I don't blow dry my hair, and then it rains. I know. Weird. If you don't have curly hair, you won't get this one.
8. I have severe concern that my 7 month old "Puppy" can officially DRAG me.
9. I have successfully lost the 5 pounds I gained. Go me.
10. I would never allow another human being take a knife to my face, take my nose off and put it on a table for safe keeping, remove parts of my face that were given especially to me by God, or inject my body with foreign objects/substances.
11. I will not accept that I have allergies. Instead, I SUFFER.
12. At 34 and 2 kids, I still hate and dread the gyno.
13. I am feeling the itch for another tattoo-which would be #6. I'm fighting it though.
14. I have a pleasant surprise planned for my kids and I that my whole family will love and cherish.
15. My sister started blogging, and you can access her blog here.
16. My sons Go-Kart is here, and I am a bit thankful that he is on the short side. :)
17. When I look at my daughter, I can't believe how big she is. Double digits in 2 weeks!
18. When I listen to my pastor preach online at work, and I use the bathroom down the hall, I can almost still hear him preaching through 2 closed doors. Now that's passion!
19. I saw Juno. Definitely disappointed in how much they "down played" a 16 year old getting pregnant. Kind of tasteless too. Teen pregnancy should not categorize as "comedy".
20. The People magazines "Most Beautiful People" is awfully shallow-isn't it? According to whom exactly?

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Marie Marsicano said...

Older Sister Says.....

Have you ever had a full tank of gas?

Slow Down or get up earlier....

No more tattoos....

When will we know what the surprise is?