Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Celebration Part 1

I went to lunch with Amber today and brought her McDonald's, and 2 big Cookie Cakes for her and all of her friends. Daddy walked in not too far behind me. I brought candles, and we sang to her. She was humiliated and thrilled all at the same time. I did have a picture with her too, but these are from my phone and I must have hit discard instead of save. I suck. We went to pick up Danielle after school, and she ate dinner with us, and in about 5 minutes, 4 more cousins will be barreling through the door for some good old Carvel Cake. Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream, separated by crunchies. MMmm...Mmmm...MMM! Last night Daddy took her to Nakato's for dinner, and they sang to her there too! I hope she feels as special as she is over these 2 days of birthday celebration! I will take more pics at cake time and post them later!

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