Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't leave home without 'em!

EARRINGS!!! I blew my hair out this morning-no 80's hair band hair today. No soakin' wet ponytail. I even wore a pretty sun dress. Bracelets, necklace....some of you may be saying-So? Big deal. But it is for me because I don't have to get dressed for work. I can come here in my sweats...and believe me, I do. Getting the kids up and out and myself looking gorgeous everyday just isn't happening. Especially on mornings where I worked the night before at the restaurant. Point of the post? I FORGOT TO PUT MY EARRINGS ON. This is a fashion tragedy for me. I feel naked. I feel like I wasted all of my time getting dressed this morning, because I forgot my J-LO over sized hoops that I love dearly. To make this post even more sick and twisted, If gas wasn't so expensive, I would have gone back for them. Does anyone else have an earring obsession? Or maybe yours is a different obsession. I have read that Kelly has to have polish on her toes all year round as a "tagged" fact on her blog. My sister would not be caught in 50 million years leaving the house without her hair blown out, unlike her lazy little sister. What's your obsession?


Marie Marsicano said...

I am the sister that always blows her hair out - I feel incomplete if I don't. You will rarely see me in a pony tail - unless it is extremely hot. I think I get that from my grandmother.

Colleen with no earrings - that is like the average person forgetting an article of clothing!!! :)

Reggie said...

This is Reggie,

I am what you would call low maintenance. I often look like a kid on the way to the playground. I rarely have my nails done and legs are shaved when they can be seen :}

However, I always have to have my matching jewelry on. So I totally get feeling naked without your hoops.

Love you!