Friday, May 2, 2008

It's not all "Glitz and Glam"

Song of the Moment: Friend of God by Israel and New Breed

Little blurb-"4 minutes" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake is a disappointment. I thought it was going to be a great song. The kicker is, the music is BANGIN'!!! But as soon as they start singing, IT'S ALL OVER.

For all of those who dream about being a "Rock Star", and wish you could live the "Rock Star" life...Party like a "Rock Star", however you chose to say it, here is just a small chunk of the many examples of how fame and fortune can impact your life in the most devastating, fatal ways. Fame is not all it's cracked up to be if you succumb to the dark side of temptation that lurks around every corner of the music scene.

Disclaimer: I am by no means implying that all of these scenario's took place solely because these individuals are musicians.

Janis Joplin-overdose-dead at 27
Karen Carpenter-complications from anorexia-dead at 32
Jimi Hendrix-asphxiation(literally drowned in his own vomit)-dead at 28
Jim Morrison-snorted heroin after mistaking it for cocaine-dead at 27
John Lennon-assassinated by a deranged fan-dead at 40
Selena-Shot in the back by the president of her fan club-dead at 23
John Bonam (ZEP) -asphxiation from vomit-dead at 32
Darrell Abbot(Pantera)-Shot by a disgruntled fan on stage-dead at 38
Christopher Wallace(Big Poppa)-Drive by Shooting-dead at 24
Tupac Shakur-Drive by Shooting-dead at 25
Kurt Cobain-suicide-dead at 27
Michael Hutchence(INXS)-accidental strangulation during a freaky sex act-dead at 37
Layne Staley(Alice in Chains)-overdose on speedballs (I have no clue what those are)-dead at 34
Elvis Presley (sorry "E" fans-he's really dead)-overdose of prescription drugs-dead at 42
Sid(Sex Pistols) and Nancy-history of severe drug abuse. and domestic violence, he stabbed her, and before he went to trial, he overdosed-dead at 21 and 20
Shannon Hoon(Blind Melon)-"accidental" overdose-dead at 28

Several of these music legends left small children behind as well.

Still Alive, but a HOT MESS.......

Amy WineHouse-Self-harm, depression, eating disorder, and heavy drug abuse-she's very talented too if she could just get her act together.
Richie Sambora-DUI with his 10 year old daughter in the car.
Courtney Love-Jail terms, trials, rehab, and lost her child at one point.
Nikki Sixx-several overdoses, pronounced DEAD. severe addiction to alcohol, cocaine and heroin

I could go on and on with that list, but I think I've had enough. Looking at these statistics, it's not all Glitz and Glam, now is it.

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