Monday, May 5, 2008

Nuttin' but Luv for the Eldery

Thought of the Day: All people are created equally in one human family.

I love old people. There is something historically beautiful about a seasoned human being. I love their age spots, and loose skin on their hands, and their silver hair. Those embellished necklaces that older women wear their glasses on. Oh, and I love their big ears too. You know what else I love? I love when they bless my children. That always touches me. I met an elderly couple yesterday at the store, and they were loving my baby boy. My day came to a halt, I sat down, and just waited while they spoke to him for at least 10 minutes or so. I had him pull out all the stops too. He sang Itsy Bitsy Spider.....No more monkeys....ABC's, "At Attention" (Papa was a marine) FEET TOGETHER, HANDS AT YOUR SIDE, BELLY IN, NO SMILES, SALUTE! The woman wanted to pick him up so bad, but couldn't lift him so I put him on her lap. When they walked away, they didn't say "It was nice to meet you" to him, they said "I'm glad to know you."

Children need elderly, seasoned people in their lives. I can't explain why, but they just do. I was so blessed to live with my grandmother. I vividly remember my grandparents and their siblings playing cards and eating mixed nuts while I was singing "You Are" by Lionel Richie. Good Times. I love me some old peeps.

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Re-Re said...

The card games were great!!!

So were the Sunday's at one of our grandparents siblings house where they would love to tell stories.

Here is a nice piece of family history - my grandfather's family still owns the house he was born in!!! It is a 3 family Brownstone in Brookly, NY - and I always loved going there and just "feeling" all the history.