Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Fun

I had such a fun and comical Sunday......check this out.....

1. My son got up at 6:30am. HOW RUDE.

2. I volunteered at 10am service, attended 11:30 service, and volunteered at 1pm service. Needless to say, my son was "That Kid" by the 1pm service.

3. I slapped my son right there in EKIDZ in front of the other volunteer workers. I am sure the Lord threw out an AMEN by that point (they all knew he was mine).

4. I said I would take home all of the plates and cups for the entire day and wash them. I forgot we walked to church, and I already had my purse, bible, Alex's bag, and his lunch box. Halfway home, the bag with all of the plates and cups, that was leaking, BUSTED OPEN. I was chasing rolling plates and cups while trying to mind my son that was riding his bicycle home. A fellow church goer offered us a ride home, that's how pathetic we looked.

5. My son had some of my soda on Saturday afternoon. Since then, every time he burps or passes gas, he giggles, and follows up with......"It's the soda Mommy...."

6. At a back yard party at my sisters in-laws, you can always count on an 80's hair band flash back afternoon/evening. I heard the likes of Megadeth, Skidrow, Motley Crew......AWESOME STUFF!

7. I have no explanation to the grown-ups as to why my boyfriend is in the pool throwing the kids all around, or why he is the only adult in the trampoline doing flips with the kids. He used my son as an excuse for a while, but it didn't hold up when he was still in there long after my son got out. I would have joined him fo' sho', but I had a skirt on. I love those qualities in him.

8. My son thought he was swimmimg, and my mother thought he was drowning, so in true Nana style, my 65 year old mother was in the pool in her shoes, ripping my son out of the water like a Mama bear picks up her cubs. AND I GOT HIT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE BY MY MOTHER FOR NOT REACTING FAST ENOUGH. Yes, I still get the slap down at 34 years old.

9. Being that my daughter is "blossoming", after yesterday in her triangle top bikini, she has been forbidden by several adults in her life to wear anything less than a tankini or a one piece bathing suit.

10. My sister blogged about yesterday too....check it out here for her take.

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