Friday, May 23, 2008

You Oughta Know

Song Of The Moment-50 Ways To Leave Your Lover-Paul Simon (hop on the bus don't need to discuss muuuuch...just drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free)


You know this song-right? Everyone knows this song. It was HUGE. This song was released in 1995, and set the precedence that Alanis Morissette was a woman scorned-to say the least. I will not post the lyrics, as they are definitely inappropriate. This grammy winning song was written by Alanis, and Glen Ballard. And what lyrics they are. I bet if you asked anyone, they would point out certain parts of this song, and be able to recite them to you. I have a few musical/personal facts about this song that you may or may not know. Here they are:

1. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers played bass on this song.

2. Dave Navarro played guitar-a former Peppers Band member/Carmen Electra's ex-husband/a man who wears more make-up and nail polish than most women.

3. Taylor Hawkins played drums, who later in 1997 joined the Foo Fighter's as their drummer.

4. Won 2 Grammy's-Best Rock song, and Best Female Rock Performance.

5. Lost out to song of the year to "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal.

6. This song is rumored to be written about Dave Coulier-AKA- Joey from Full House-What an odd couple. Their weirder than Oscar Madison and Felix Unger.

7. Or Bob Saget-COME ON

8. Or Doug Gilmour (Toronto Maple Leafs)

9. Or Mike Peluso (New Jersey Devils)

10. Or Matt LeBlanc

11. Or Leslie Lowe (producer of her first 2 albums)

That's quite a roll call-isn't it?

And last but not least, Weird Al included this song in a polka medley. I haven't heard it, but I can only imagine.

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