Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birthday Bash 2008

Crazy Kids

The Gang

Celeste Colleen

Robert and I


Amber and Will



Mike G said...

FANTASTIC party Colleen, very well put together!! I do think the music was TOO LOUD!! ; ))))) HaHa
Amber and Alissa are growing up way too fast. Thanks for the invite Sally and I had a blast!!


Marie Marsicano said...

This is a post to The Gilbert's. Hats off to Mike and Sally for always coming to the kids events even though their girls are grown!!!

And they do so with much enthusiasm and care for all the kids in this "big" extended family. They truly enjoy the younger kids and interacting with them.

Marie Marsicano said...

Another successful pool party.

All of the kids are getting too big too fast!!! But what I love is that all of them do so well together from Christina (16) down to Logan (18 months) and all ages in between.

The best part of the parties for me is seeing them all together and having so much fun.

Now for the scary part - my lovely niece invited BOYS this year!!!

Marie Marsicano said...

One more:

Special props to my niece Alissa - who after she opened each gift stood up and thanked the person who it was from with a big hug. For a 9 year old - very impressive.

Then she tried on what we gave her after everyone went home so we could see her in it.

She spends the summers here in Charlotte with us and each year I am reminded how very special and sweet she is.