Saturday, June 21, 2008

I never knew I was an "Ont"

What's an Ont? I have become an Ont. All this time, I thought I was an Aunt. Or an ANT I guess I should say for pronunciation clarification. Is this a Southern thing? I always thought it was a black thing, and I mean that to no offense. I have plenty of black friends and they know I love them dearly. It's no secret that my black friends are always late for everything too. We call it "CP Time". When your tight, you can say these things to no offense. But anyway, I noticed that my nephews refer to me as "Ont", black and white, I have both. The other day I was at my pool, and a little tween girl said to me..."Are you Isaiah's Ont?" I was at work one night at the restaurant, and I heard from across the way..."You look like Devin's Ont!" That one I'm not always sure I should admit to. So what is the proper pronunciation? Or is it sort of say potato, I say pototo? Is it not particular to any race or geography? Who started this I wonder? All I know is it sounds pretty strange to me. I always thought I was an ANT to 7 beautiful kids. But I guess I am also an Ont.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I am most proud of being known as Re-Re
Aunt (Ant) Re
Ont Marie

All this from my 12 "blood" nieces and nephews and my closest friends children who I would give my "blood" for.