Thursday, June 12, 2008

Italiano 101

Okay, I don't speak Italian. I did take it in school, but someone erased it from my memory with some type of device, I am guessing. My Mother's family is what I would call American Italians. Someone in both of their families definitley came "Off the Boat", but it wasn't my Grandparents. They were born and raised in Brooklyn, and so was my Mother. That's where all of the Italian's go when they come over on "The Boat". Although they speak English, they have Italian in their Italian words. By the way, I love when Southern people say "I"talian. That cracks me up. When I hear people pronounce certain Italian words, it sounds so strange to me. So here are a few Italian translations for the Italian lovers out there.

Ricotta-rigautha(you have to roll your tongue on that one)

And my all time favorite...I hear my Grandmother in my mind right now...

Garlic and Oil- Galic and earl

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