Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Scale-friend or foe?

Do you have a scale? I don't. I think about getting one quite often, and whenever I am somewhere that I see one, I hop right on it, only to frown, or act shocked and appauled, as if someone shoved endless amounts of sweets and pasta down my throat when I was unconsious. How dare they. When your vertically challenged, a 3-5lb weight gain can be significant. So let's see....

Pro-Making sure your a healthy weight to ensure a healthy body.

Con-Stressing out about "The Number".

Pro-A way to keep yourself "In Check".

Con-Getting on the scale everytime you eat a hershey kiss, or getting on everytime you have a bottled water instead of a soda, and hope for results.

Pro-House scales are always easy on you.

Con-The scale at the doctors office always tell the bitter truth, and it's always bad news.

I feel that if I had a scale, it would bring nothing but termoil to my life. I will probably stick with not having one. My method is more simplistic, and less precise. Make sure you wear something fitted on a regular basis. It's when your in your wide-bottomed sweats, cotton capris, or hippie skirts that you lose sight of where you're at. Then you have an urge to throw your jeans on, and BAM!-you need a wire hanger to pull your zipper up. And you know how Mommie Dearest feels about wire hangers.....

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Marie Marsicano said...

I am a fan of the scale - for all of the pro's you have listed. I step on mine - every morning. The number itself doesn't necessarily concern me - but the ability to see if I am getting "lazy" or "off-track" is what I am on it for.

While we are on the subject I would like to throw in this little piece of advice - just because they make it in your size, does not mean you need to wear it.
I am by no means a super model - just someone who accepts their body and finds fashions that are appropriate for it.