Monday, June 30, 2008

WalMart is cheap...yeah right

I went food shopping at Super WalMart today. I like to go there for all of my dry goods because they are cheap. WalMart gives you the illusion that everything is 2 or 3 bucks. Most things are. But 2 or 3 bucks times 60+ do the math. I went alone, no kids, and was soaking up every moment that I was able to shop alone with my IPOD playing all of my favorite songs for my ears only. I should have known when I could no longer push the cart, that I was in for a big surprise when the total came up. In the meantime, while my final items were being loaded into the bags and the grand total was being read to me by the cashier, my friends Daryl and Andre walked up. I said hello to them, and chatted for a minute, and the lady told me the total as I was finishing up my conversation. Apparently I got Ghetto Fabulous without even realizing it. 4 hours later she called my sister, still hysterical laughing at me and how I was slurring profanities and acting like your grandmother used to act when you would go to the store with her and she would look at price tags and scream it out in shock and you would want to walk away and die. Well that was me today. And I didn't even know it. My sister called me to tell me I made Daryl's day with my "side show" that I put on at Walmart today. Well it didn't stop there. I continued my rant when I came home, and told my kids and nephews how my kitchen closes at 8pm, bowls of cereal are not considered "A snack", I am not here to feed the entire neighborhood, Juice boxes are only for when we travel out of the house, and so on...and on....and on. They all looked at me like I was nuts. I'm really not like that. I am that woman that feeds everyone. If the boys come by with their friends, I put out fruit and chips and offer them a drink. I make dessert almost every night. I always make extra food in case one of the kids drop in. I offer food to the boys friends when I grill at the pool. I've come to the realization that this is why my grocery bill is so high, and why I feel like I never have any food. So I'm not sharing anymore, and I threatened my family with a never ending supply of Ramen Noodles if they don't stop eating like animals.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I am here to say that for real Daryl was laughing like she was still in Wal-Mart with Colleen after she saw her total. She told me that her and Andre were so glad they ran into her because it was the highlight of their day - she gave them a great laugh!!!