Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bright Ideas...

I would love to meet the mastermind behind the idea of making all cheesecake $1.50 for the 30th anniversary of the restaurant. I would also love to meet the person that decided to send out emails, post the news on "The View", and all other brilliant advertising ideas. That individual is obviously not a server, bartender, line cook, prep cook, dishwasher, host, or manager for the Cheesecake Factory. This had to be the biggest disaster in Cheesecake history. The bakery was an hour in the hole all night long. There was no extra staff to accommodate, due to lack of room. We ordered the cheesecake at the same time we ordered their meals, if they even got a meal, and they waited, ate, were boxed up, and paid out...and still waiting...waiting...waiting for their cheesecake. Needless to say I made more money Monday night and I was home by 9:30, and I got home at 12:30am last night. We had to stop taking names at 9pm just to accommodate all the people that were already in the building by 11pm. Not to mention all of the people who were delusional and thought they could order 5 extra pieces to-go at $1.50. One slice per guest. Pretty cut and dry-right? None of us got to eat, nor did we get a piece of cheesecake for $1.50. Not yet anyway. What a disaster. I will never work a special event again. Bright idea......

Monday, July 28, 2008

I Love.......

My sons room. I did a four hour take every single thing including furniture out of the room make-over last Thursday, and rearranged everything, and I love it! And this is with 2 garbage bags full of toys for good will! My poor baby has no toys!

Notice ALEX3-Amber's great idea.....

These food tents! I thought everyone had them, but every time I bring them to the pool and have company, someone is always saying they have never seen them and how awesome they are! They keep the bugs away. My Mom always had them, and for some strange reason when you grow up around something, you always assume that everyone has them! I love these things!

My new jewelry holder that my mother got me. It hangs in the closet, or on the back of a door. I have no idea why the picture posted sideways, but it is a vertical jewelry holder and I love it! I loved even more that along with the gift, my mom separated all of my tangled jewelry because she knows I have no patience for certain things.

My Coach ponytail holder that I kinda sorta got for free but not really. I had a coupon, and I got sneakers and the ponytail holder, but with the coupon, I basically didn't pay for the ponytail holder. That's how I justify it anyway, even though I could have just taken the discount on the shoes. This dresses up any outfit, and the ever so famous wet ponytail. Love it!

God Is Good

I found the song I heard the other day that I really liked. Love that Rhapsody. My favorite $15.00 I spend every month, hands down.

God is Good-Regina Belle

Sing it sista...go on witcha bad self.

Friday, July 25, 2008

maD mAD MAD!

I know it's music Friday and I do have several ideas, but I was busy all day, and worked tonight, so I am skipping over it this week. Although I will say I had my first taste of Black Gospel Music today on my way to my friends house, and I LOVED it! I am going to have to explore it some more when I get a chance.

Now back to my original post. We went to a splash park in Guam today with my friend Kristy and her girls. Okay, it wasn't in Guam it was in Kannapolis. Anyway, a little girl, still in a diaper, and smaller than Alex so I am guessing she was less that 2, decided to smack my son 2 times for no apparent reason. This has infuriated me to the point that I'm still thinking about it. He was playing, and having fun, and minding his own business, and before he wacked her back, I called his name, and told him he can not hit girls. He put his hands up in a "Why" position....."Her smacked me Mommy!" I can still see his frustration. Here are all of my irrational sinful thoughts that ran through my mind.....

1. I wanted to slap the crap out of her mother that just stood there, and didn't say a word to her daughter.

2. I wanted to slap the crap out of the little girl because I knew Alex couldn't and I wanted to defend my son and teach her some manners.

3. A small part of me for a split second wanted Alex to wack her back. I can't believe I am admitting that, but if her mother wasn't getting involved and correcting her, how much can a boy/girl take?

I redirected him, and she started to follow him. LUCKILY her mother finally said something to her, and it was over after that. It's now 12 hours later, and my son forgot this incident about 11 hours and 58 minutes ago, but for some reason, it's still burning me. I can't wait to squeeze him tomorrow and love him up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 months = 7 pounds

Seven months ago, Robert and I went on our first date. You may think it's corny that I remember the date, but how can you forget the most unbelievable first date ever. Dinner at Monticello's-Filet Oscar, and an NFL football game. Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys. Hard to top that date. I know some girls will see this as the worst date in history, but it was right up my alley! I was a little afraid that I was eating dinner with a redneck when he ordered a rack of lamb, and it came out...all on the bone...looking like a rib cage. GROSS! I tease him still about it. When we got to the game, he bought me a jersey, and asked me if I wanted a classic colored one, or a pink one. Of course I went for the classic colors, pink is not my thing. So I no longer looked "cute" for my date, but I had team spirit. Anyway....after several dates out to eat, and homemade desserts, I gained 7 pounds. I didn't even see it coming. I call them my boyfriend pounds. I've been working on getting rid of them, and I am slowly succeeding. Have you ever gained "Boyfriend weight"? Or husband weight? I now believe men when they say they gain as much weight as their wives when they are pregnant. Robert has never weighed as much as he does now ever in his life. He thoroughly enjoys my cooking, and my desserts, which have now been replaced with protein bars, weight control oatmeal, fruit and raw veggies. I am bound and determined. I'm going to bizarre lengths, including brushing my teeth right before I feed my kids so I don't pick at their food. I'm a sicko, I know this, but it works. You should try it. So yeah, 7 months = 7 pounds. I should have broke up with him at 5.......nah. I'll keep 'em.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Safety Success!!!

I have tackled yet another, but certainly not the last safety precaution that I will teach my son. If you've just started reading my blog, I am an over-protective borderline "Mama Bouche" mother with no apologies for it. If you want to see just how extreme I am when I say this, click here.

At 2 1/2 years old, Alex officially knows his father's cell phone number by heart, including area code. I chose that number because it is Alex's life line for his business, so it is the least likely number to ever get changed, or shut off. He has had the same number for as long as I can remember. It didn't take too much time and practice either. I would say it over and over to him while he was jumping in the pool, and I would stand in the water and catch him, and we would go over it...over...and over...and over....and over again. Now, if you say to him..."What's Daddy's cell phone number? He says...704...-....! I'm so happy that he knows the number by heart, and he also knows both of our full names as well. Every time I tell somebody that I teach him these things in case he ever gets lost, or someone takes him, they tell me...."Colleen, if anyone ever finds him or takes him, you'll never get him back! He's so cute and entertaining! It's like finding a the cutest little puppy on the earth! Who would return him!" They are probably right. Everyone does fall in love with him rather quickly. But you can't blame a Mommy for trying-right?

P.S. I had a family gathering during the week at my pool. We grilled burgers, and dogs, and had all kinds of goodies and music..of course music. To see a couple of pics from the day, click on my sisters blog right here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guns N' Roses and Rock Band 2

Guns N' Roses has not released an album in a decade and a half. Shame on them. They have been working on an album for over 10 years actually. Who would have thought an album could take that long to make? Try making an album with Axl Rose. Supposedly, the album is finished, and will be released this fall. The BIG news is, the first single off the album called "Shacklers Revenge" will be released on the video game Rock Band 2!!!!! How cool is that! I wonder if their music style is the same as it was 15+ years ago. It better be. I am definitely going to check out the album if it ever really comes out Fo'Sho'.

Other Rock Band 2 tidbits:

Rock Band 2 will also include songs from marquee acts like AC/DC and Rush; the game may also feature music by Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan, according to a track listing leaked online. Activision recently released a version of Guitar Hero dedicated to Aerosmith, and a game based on Metallica is due next year. Gotta love Metallica.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Smuggler

I'm admitting to the world wide web that I smuggle food into Carowinds. When we were kids, I recall smuggling candy and drinks into the movie theatre in my Moms over sized purse. If you owned a 7-11, would you pay the prices at the counter in the movie theatre? I think not! Carowinds has this rule that you can't bring anything but water, and a small snack for small children. I think it's ridiculous. Their food is astronomically over-priced, and it's not even good. I would give it a half star rating at best. Over-priced is actually an understatement. A small pizza pie is $22.00. $22.00???? Where I come from, a large NY style pizza is around 8 or 9 bucks! And it's actually good! Back to the first, I would just haggle with security until they wanted to be rid of me, and tell me "I'll let you in this time, but...." My argument was valid since I usually go with 4 kids and myself. What good would a snack size baggy of pretzels do? So I bring a soft cooler with my juice boxes buried under the ice, topped with water, because you can bring all the water you want. Then I use inconspicuous side zippers and compartments for all of my snacks. I wrap my sandwiches up inside my towels, for no one to see. Last time we went, I smuggled in cereal bars, tostitos and cheese dip, juice boxes, BBQ name it, it went! They gave me a hard time about the full sized bag of chips, and my argument was this....."Had I put these chips into 4 separate sandwich baggies, it wouldn't be an issue-right? Well I was out of sandwich bags. If you have any, I will divide up the snacks right here." That's when they decide to let the pain in the butt go in, and move on to the next more compliant customer. It's survival of the fittest when your going through the gate at carowinds....and survival of your pocket which will take a beatin' if you don't bring your own food.

Monday, July 14, 2008


It's setting me free....

It's healing me....

Thank you Lord....

Let Him heal ya.....

Let Him touch ya.....

Let Him change ya.....

Name that tune? I listen to this song every morning. right after I feed my addiction to the new Elevation Band CD "We Are Alive" that I am wearing out at home, and on my IPOD. Car CD player is busted, or I'd be wearing it out in the car too.

Obedience is hard, it stings, it's uncomfortable, but it is also very rewarding. I have made so many steps forward, and I've made steps backward too. I remind myself that change does not happen over night, and all I can do when I take a step back is acknowledge it, learn from it, ask for forgiveness and keep chugging forward. God is with me, and I know He is proud of me and the progress that I have made. I've even applied some obedience to myself personally which is working out great. I started off with a 2.5 mile walk in the morning on the mornings that the kids are not home. I wasn't consistent. I did it when I felt like it. Then my sporadic walk turned into a faithful 3 days a week. Then it turned into a fast walk. Then a fast walk, with a 30 minute exercise routine of squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups called "Slim in 6". I've had these videos for so long that they are on VHS. NOW half of my fast walk has turned into a jog! The goal is for it to become a 2.5 mile run, with an hour of the exercise routine. If I don't do this in the morning, it won't get done. So my alarm goes off at 6am, and off I go. Bed head and all. It encourages me to eat right throughout the day, because why do all of that, and then hit the drive thru? Right! My next challenge is getting more sleep. I'm an average 6 hour sleeper. I know this is not good for your health, nor the luggage that hangs out under my eyes. So getting to bed at a decent hour is my next small personal goal. I'll keep you posted. As for my acts of obedience in my walk with God...that's just between me and the Big Guy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Before I start my blog, I wanted to ask that you take a listen to these 2 songs:

Forever-Chris Brown
These are 3 of the latest and greatest dance songs. They are kind of fresh-old-school dance songs. I love them. If I still went to Da Club, these would be my favorite dance songs. Since I don't go to Da Club anymore, I dance to these songs in my room. Thank you Lord for Rhapsody.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born and raised in Barbados. She's gorgeous isn't she? And very talented. I love her music. She has had 10 top 40 hits since 2005 when her debut album came out. She is the first female artist from Barbados to receive a Grammy award. Producer Evan Rogers was vacationing in Barbados with his wife, helped her make a demo in the US, it somehow landed in Jay-Z's hands, she was signed to Def Jam records, and the rest is history in the making.


Music of the Sun: Pon De Replay

A Girl Like Me: SOS, Unfaithful, We Ride, Break it Off

Good Girl Gone Bad: Umbrella, Shut up and Drive, Don't Stop the Music, Hate that I love you, Take a Bow, Disturbia

She's really good if you like dance music, and if you don't like dance music, she's still really good.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know I have said before that Alex doesn't watch television. Here is a visual display of how much he watches, and how knowledgeable he is on the subject in a world that is consumed with television.

Disclaimer: By no means am I putting down kids watching television or trying to act like "My son doesn't watch T.V. and that's such an accomplishment." I have blatantly admitted that I wished he did watch some television. I think he's missing out on some great blockbuster animated stuff! And he would actually sit still and relax. Everyone needs to relax.

First of All I just love him.
Bob The Builder. Ran to it, loved it, spent 3/4 of his tokens on it. He even sang along. He has this in a ride on push with your feet version, and hands down it is his favorite toy. Especially with the wood floors. According to Alex he will sit and watch this, racing, and NFL football. I will believe it when I see it.

Who is this Alex? His reply.....ELMO. If you think that's bad....
Alex: "Is that a big Mickey Mouse Mom? Hi Mickey Mouse!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We ARE Summer Camp

Since I am day-jobless, I am keeping the kids home for the summer. No summer camp, and there was no school for Alex until I decided that he should go back for 2 days a week because he talks entirely too much...I mean for both my sanity and his....I mean really because I love that he has all little friends his age with all age appropriate activities tailored just to children his age and his day is all about being 2 rather than getting his sisters door slammed in his face 5 times a day. Socialization is very important at his age, and I have no friends with kids his age. So anyway, our days have been filled with the pool, and Carowinds, and bike riding, and all kinds of goodies. Who needs summer camp? Especially that Robert works overnights-he is my secondary camp counselor. AND he works for free. Can't beat that. Enjoy!

My Boyz
Flying Baby!!!
Liss Chillin'
My Goggle Girl
My Big Boy Swimming
How Refreshing

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nuthin' Wisdom-Like about 'em

Wisdom teeth. They serve no purpose but to torture us each individually, all in good time. 9 out of 10 people you know has a wisdom tooth horror story to share. Well, I still have mine. 3 are in, one is coming through, and until now, they never bothered me. At the price it costs to remove them, I had 2 choices. 1. Leave well enough alone, and 2. Tie a string to them...and the door knob...slam the know. So I left them alone...and sure enough, one of them has decided to rear it's ugly head. I was taking it like a man. The pain would come and go...and I was o.k. with it. Last night took a turn for the worse, and I found myself on the way to the emergency room (where my handsome boyfriend happens to work) crying hysterically, and asking God to make the pain stop. Begging actually. This is unusual behavior for me. I'm tough. I have 5 tattoos, I gave birth naturally to 2 children with no drugs. I can take some pain. Well I never knew a tooth ache could cause so much pain. The pain stemmed from my tooth, to my head, to my ear, and through all of this I tried to eat dinner because almost nothing can stop me from eating, and that seemed to aggravate it even more. BAD IDEA. SO, antibiotics and pain pills are holding me over until I can get to the oral surgeon who is going to tell me they all need to come out and I need to give him a 5 million dollar down payment. Oh Joy. When I was praying for the pain of a toothache to go away-such a measly prayer, pain and all, I was thinking about Ferris and Wade Joye, and the HUGE prayers we are all praying for them right now. You can read their story here and here. Their faith is untouchable.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Her Have a Bug on Her Head

Picture this.......

I took my son on a walk after dinner this evening. We visited the pool, and the playground, and walked most of the nature trails. The weather was beautiful, and the conversation was great. The quality time was top notch. As we were heading home, approaching us was an elderly woman of...Hindu? maybe? decent? I don't mean to offend, I just am not sure of the proper nationality, but she had long, flowy, sheet like clothing on, and she was completely covered, and the minute I saw her, something in me told me to start praying to the Lord for Him to please hold my sons little tongue for 10 seconds as we passed this woman. As usual, my son exceeded my expectations. I was expecting "Mommy what's that thing on her head?" AFTER she passed us. Instead I got "Her Have a Bug on Her Head" with a pointed finger AT THE WOMAN when she was passing us. So, and I'm sure not for the last time, I was humiliated by one of my children.


Danielle is here visiting today. She is leaving for 2 weeks, so the kids are having a "cousin day". I just had yet another hysterical experience with her:

They are on the tennis court right outside my apartment riding bikes, roller skates, and skateboards. Danielle has the skates on at the moment.

Danielle: "Colly!! Come and get me!!! I have to use the bathroom!!!"

Me: I'm coming! (she did not want to take her skates off to come up the 2 flights of stairs to my apartment.)

I go down there to get her, and here is the dialogue of her coming up the stairs....

Danielle: "Lord have Mercy...I'm gonna pee my pants! I feel like an old lady(struggling to get up the stairs, and not have an accident) I know what a senior citizen feels like..."

I thought I was going to pee my pants in laughter before I got her up the stairs. And in true Danielle fashion, she wiped out right in the doorway of the bathroom on the hardwood floor, and in true Nana fashion, my mother screams out, "Your gonna break your neck Danielle!"

Everyday is a comedy show in the Corbett household. P.S.-Danielle successfully made it to the restroom without any major disasters. I luba dat baby.