Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Smuggler

I'm admitting to the world wide web that I smuggle food into Carowinds. When we were kids, I recall smuggling candy and drinks into the movie theatre in my Moms over sized purse. If you owned a 7-11, would you pay the prices at the counter in the movie theatre? I think not! Carowinds has this rule that you can't bring anything but water, and a small snack for small children. I think it's ridiculous. Their food is astronomically over-priced, and it's not even good. I would give it a half star rating at best. Over-priced is actually an understatement. A small pizza pie is $22.00. $22.00???? Where I come from, a large NY style pizza is around 8 or 9 bucks! And it's actually good! Back to the first, I would just haggle with security until they wanted to be rid of me, and tell me "I'll let you in this time, but...." My argument was valid since I usually go with 4 kids and myself. What good would a snack size baggy of pretzels do? So I bring a soft cooler with my juice boxes buried under the ice, topped with water, because you can bring all the water you want. Then I use inconspicuous side zippers and compartments for all of my snacks. I wrap my sandwiches up inside my towels, for no one to see. Last time we went, I smuggled in cereal bars, tostitos and cheese dip, juice boxes, BBQ name it, it went! They gave me a hard time about the full sized bag of chips, and my argument was this....."Had I put these chips into 4 separate sandwich baggies, it wouldn't be an issue-right? Well I was out of sandwich bags. If you have any, I will divide up the snacks right here." That's when they decide to let the pain in the butt go in, and move on to the next more compliant customer. It's survival of the fittest when your going through the gate at carowinds....and survival of your pocket which will take a beatin' if you don't bring your own food.

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