Sunday, July 6, 2008

We ARE Summer Camp

Since I am day-jobless, I am keeping the kids home for the summer. No summer camp, and there was no school for Alex until I decided that he should go back for 2 days a week because he talks entirely too much...I mean for both my sanity and his....I mean really because I love that he has all little friends his age with all age appropriate activities tailored just to children his age and his day is all about being 2 rather than getting his sisters door slammed in his face 5 times a day. Socialization is very important at his age, and I have no friends with kids his age. So anyway, our days have been filled with the pool, and Carowinds, and bike riding, and all kinds of goodies. Who needs summer camp? Especially that Robert works overnights-he is my secondary camp counselor. AND he works for free. Can't beat that. Enjoy!

My Boyz
Flying Baby!!!
Liss Chillin'
My Goggle Girl
My Big Boy Swimming
How Refreshing

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Marie Marsicano said...

Being home and having carefree summer days is AWESOME for the parents and the kids.

I have worked very hard to have at least one extra day off a week - and many weeks I have 2 days off and the weekend - this is close to the most enjoyable summers I have had with my family - and extended family - with lots more fun days planned.