Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy Fast-A-Moly!!

We have been asked to come together as a church and participate in the Daniel Fast for 21 days as a time to come together and pray about all that God is going to do through our church during the fall season. I have never participated in a fast before. I downloaded the recipe suggestions off of the website, and I went shopping. Tonight's dinner was delicious, and very filling. Looks pretty good for a fast-huh?

This food took 2 hours to find-reading all of the labels!

Dinner is served!

Stuffed peppers. I changed this up because I can't do tofu, so instead I put organic diced tomatoes in there. Italian style....

This is "Barbara's Rice, black beans and corn", and we had this with organic tortilla chips. It is DELICIOUS! and we have plenty of left overs for lunch tomorrow! Amber gladly ate the pepper, but didn't try the other dish because she said she would have liked it with sour cream, and I didn't have any. She is going to do her very best with the fast. Alex ate the stuffing in the pepper in a bowl. I didn't bother with giving him the pepper, but he probably would have eaten it. I'm going to keep trying the recipes that were given to us, but I can say I have never branched out past a black bean. Maybe a re-fried bean with melted cheese, but that's about it. SO I am going have to be a bit creative. If you are familiar with the Daniel Fast, and you have some ideas that aren't "All About Beans", please post a comment and share your ideas!

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