Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Many Choices

Here is a story about a "Typical Situation in these Typical Times....too many choices." (that's a the way)

Standing at the front desk tonight at work, and I couldn't believe my ears. The parents were asking the children if this is where they wanted to eat dinner. I even went over the children's choices and ideas with them because this was not an easy decision for them to make. They were in the lobby for 10 minutes discussing this. Then, there was an additional 5 minutes deciding on whether or not to sit outside. They were looking to the children for clarification. These children were 10 and under. If your not getting my point here, then we may just see things differently. Last time I checked, if I'm buying, and I'm the adult, I'M choosing the restaurant. No choices. Kids get choices at lunch time when your in the car. "McDonald's or Chick-fillet?" And even at that you have to really consider how many kids you have with you, and if you have the child that will say they want something else just because the other child wants one-and they live to aggravate each other. There are definitely times to give children choices(This outfit or that one? Which book should we read tonight?), but unless it's their birthday, dinner is not that time. There is no short order cooking in my house. You eat what I cook. You don't say "That's gross and I don't like it" before you even taste something. That infuriates me. When Amber says.."Oh! I don't want that tonight!" I say "I'm very sit down and eat." "Your not going to eat your dinner? Your going to be terribly hungry later". I've seen Moms bring their children meals to parties full of food because they are "picky eaters". Not this Mom. I think "picky eating" is something that is acquired if it is allowed to be. I can't play that game. I don't have time for it. So the outcome was...the daughter decided this would be an acceptable place to eat, the son decided they were going to eat inside, and the parents...I hope they didn't need permission to order what they wanted off the menu.

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To all of it - especially the I am paying so certainly you can find something you like here. And lets face it folks - 95% of the time kids are looking for Chicken and Fries - how much better can it taste at one place over another!!!