Monday, August 4, 2008

Very Scary

When I left the house this morning for my jog...yes I said jog. It has graduated to a 2.5 mile jog, and I today was my 8th straight day. People are right when they say exercise is a "lifestyle". It is now a part of my morning regimen, and I would at this point feel guilty or incomplete if I didn't get it done, regardless of the time of the day that I can fit it in. Anyway, as i passed the building RIGHT NEXT TO MINE, I see the second story apartment-burnt to a crisp. All the windows were knocked out, there was a queen/king sized mattress on the floor outside, burnt completely. As I looked up in the windows, I saw all of the support beams exposed. I saw bunk beds still in place in the other bedroom. I saw soot and blackness as far as I could see, and several pieces of furniture that appeared to have been thrown out of the windows on the concrete outside. This scared me to death. What if that were us? Am I prepared for this? Do I have renters insurance-yes-but that's not going to save our lives. I don't have escape ladders. This will haunt me until I have the money to get some. Yes, we can jump, it's not that far, but I want to have the ladders, and I am letting everyone that has loved ones on a second floor of their home to go out and buy escape ladders. Please? Do it for your neurotic bloggy friend? Thank you. I saw the super, and asked him if everyone was okay, and he said yes. The Lord was with that family last night. What scares me also is that I didn't hear a thing, and neither did Alex, because he didn't wake up either! That's kind of crazy right! no sirens-nothing! Strange I tell ya....

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Marie Marsicano said...

Praise God they were all alright - the material things really don't matter.

My friend lost his Uncle in a house fire - he died saving his daughter. She just got married and his presence was highly felt at the wedding.

I too worry about stuff like this - for instance when we are donating to the kidney foundation - the night before we put everything near the front door - a few times there has been so much that I have thought - if there is a fire can we open that door quick enough???

The ladders are a great idea!!!