Monday, September 22, 2008

Driving a Stick

Why on earth would anyone willingly buy a stick shift automobile? I know I know....for racing purposes, but on the track is fine. Why would anyone purposely buy one as their everyday vehicle? Can I drive one? Yes. I believe you should learn how to drive everything and anything you have access to, just in case you need to in a pinch one day. Here are the motorized means of transportation that I have driven, and can drive:

Standard shift
small boat
scooter(remember those?)

That may be it. My sister is laughing right now about the small boats that we drove in Cancun-right Re-Re? But the stick.....getting out of first as someone that is new to the shift......"Please don't let me stall or buck this car like it has pimpin' hydraulics on it.....Please don't let me roll backwards and hit into the person behind I in 3rd, or 5th gear? If I take my foot of the clutch before I come to a full stop, the car will abruptly come to a slamming stop.." I mean, that's enough to give you a nervous brake down just trying to drive! Then if your short like me, it take all of your effort to get the clutch all the way down, unless you want to sit so close that your eating the steering wheel. It just puzzles me. Maybe it's a guy thing, but I can think of 2 girls that always preferred the stick shift. Not me. If I could afford a driver, I would just sit in the back, and turn up the tunes. Never mind all of that hard work.

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Marie Marsicano said...

Yes I am laughing about the boat - yet another classic Joanne moment!!!

If you read this - take Colleen and my adivce - learn to drive the stick whether you ever need to or not. My main purpose of learning was so that if I was out with anyone who drank too much - I could get us home safely. We always took turns driving but I will say some people took being the designated driver more seriously than others......