Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh How She's Grown

When Amber was a toddler, I was tortured incessantly by her love for "The Wiggles".

Fruit Salad...Yummy Yummy.....Fruit Salad...Yummy Yummy.......

I think these guys are freaks, but kids love 'em. So be it. This morning, I had the Disney channel on for Alex while we were getting ready for school, and the Wiggles were on. Of course, Alex pays no attention, and was asking me to put on "wwooaaaaaahhhh....woooooaaaaahhhhhhh". In case you don't know, that translates to "Your Name High" by Hillsong. But I mean, you so should have known that. I mean...Duh. ;0)....Anyway, Amber walks in the room, and looks at the T.V. for a few minutes.

"Mom, why would anyone want to do this? Be a Wiggle? I mean, they must not have like a REAL job."

She obviously has no idea how much money can be made by doing cheesy dances, and coming up with lyrics like:

Cold Spaghetti Cold Spaghetti.....Mash Banana Mash Banana........

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