Monday, September 15, 2008

Self Sufficient/Not so Self Sufficient

Here is my son, being domesticated. He asks me to lower the ironing board, get him some clothes, and set him up with my old iron. Unplugged, of course. He will do this for 1/2 hour straight!

Here he is vaccuuming. He loves to vaccuum. Okay, he wasn't actually vaccuuming, he was "blowing leaves", but either way, he was doing constructive work around the house. He was blowing my room-how sweet of him!
Now here's my daughter. Her only job was to put more food in the bird feeder. We get some really beautiful birds out there, and the kids love to watch them through the window. She got her hair all twisted up in the lights, and there was more bird seed on the floor than there was in the feeder when she was done. Shouldn't my older child be the self sufficient one? Needless to say she wasn't happy when I walked away from her and shut the door behind me and left her there. Then when she saw the can see by the last photo that she was not a happy camper.

1 comment:

Marie Marsicano said...

Well she looks a hot mess like she spent the day cleaning!!!

Keep teaching your son - he will be a fine husband if he stays on this path.