Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small Group-Day 1

Tonight was the first night of my very first Small Group with my awesome church. I should have been in a small group a long time ago, but I always had excuses. "I don't have the time.", "I don't have a sitter." "I have to work."The real truth is, I didn't want to go to a strange place, with strange people, and expose my less than glamorous life. I do this constantly, and I needed to break the cycle. I actually gave up a night of work which I can't afford, to join a small group. I am confident that God is proud of my decision, and He will continue to make sure our needs are met. I feel this is key to my spiritual success. So here I am, a member of a small group. A group of ladies with all different walks of life, with a broad age range, and all different spiritual backgrounds. We just got to know each other a little, how we came to Elevation, We ate, we laughed, we did short bio's....I loved it. It wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I anticipated. As a matter of fact, it was quite comfy. Out of all of the ladies, I have been attending Elevation the longest! Get girl was a first time guest on Sunday, and one other girl HASN'T EVEN ATTENDED SERVICE YET!!! She went to the meet and greet Sunday night with a friend, and said she was so moved by Pastor Steven , she walked out of the meeting and plugged into small group! Isn't that amazing! The original table I walked up to was at full capacity. This was all Gods plan. He wanted me to be in a group with these particular lovely ladies. I believe we will grow together spiritually, and I hope to make long lasting friendships. I can't wait!


Kelly H. said...

Yay Colleen! I'm so proud of you for taking this step-you won't regret it! I'm glad the first night was so great, I know they will love you. I hope this season for you is life-changing!

ps-the pics of Alex ironing are priceless! If only he had some pink shoes on too...

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment.

Just so you know, I read your blog too! I have enjoyed getting to know you through it!

I really liked this post about joining a small group and told Lori (Pastor's Assistant) about it cause I thought they would find it interesting that some girl who hadn't even gone to a service yet joined a small group.

OH, and Alyse will be there on Sunday, and I will make sure to put her in something very girly with a big hair bow just for you.