Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amber's Halloween Bash 2008

Tonight was Amber's long awaited Halloween party. The kids had a BLAST! She had 7 friends from school, and her three cousins Danielle, Joseph, and Mackenzie. The number was perfect for our space. We moved furniture around, and put tables away, and it worked out great! Clean up was bearable, and well worth it. Amber said after everyone left that the party was AWESOME. The party was 2 hours, and I'm glad, and so are my neighbors, my floors, and my ears. Check out these pics....
My Mad Hatter-isn't she gorgeous?
Amber and Mackenzie
Look at that face
Okay, no one of the male gender likes this costume, but I think it's adorable. He may be too old for it, but he's so little that I thought it was cute. What do you think?
Will you please look at the thug. She's actually such a pretty little girl. They were boyfriend/girlfriend from some U-TUBE video, but I'm clueless-never been on U-TUBE!
I think all of the kids came in great costumes!
We made mummies! 2 teams, 2 mummies! Whoever finished first was the winner!
Limbo...Alex was being a good helper. By this time he was sweating. By the end of the night, he
was in nothing but his underwear.

Halloween Twister

Bobbling for Apples. This was their favorite part of the night. They shoved their faces right in that water!

Little Joe-too cute-he kept putting his hands near the water involuntarily because he wanted to help his apple along-but he wound up getting it with his mouth! And he was proud!

So there you have it! We played a few more games, but I did my best with the photos! Wheeeewwww...... Now I'm off to bed!

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