Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Kids vs. Little Ones

I spend a lot of time with my big nephews, Devin and Isaiah. They are 12 and 13. Here are some big kid vs. little kid pros and cons.

Little kids get up at the crack of dawn.

Big kids sleep as late as possible.

Little kids are affordable to feed.

Big kids are not.

Little kids bang on your computer and can possibly do damage.

Big kids monopolize your computer, and listen to crappy music on it.

Little kids 'Show You Their Guns' in a cute way.

Big kids flex their muscles in your face all day long and say they're 'BEAST'.

Little kids don't clean up after themselves.

Big kids don't clean up after themselves.

That's a wash.

Little kids take naps, so there is peace and quiet mid-day.

Big kids are at their most obnoxious mid-day.

Little kids think your awesome and look up to you.

Big kids think you're a dork, and are embarrassed of your presence.

Little kids go wherever you take them.

Big kids miss buses and their rides leave without them (yeah right).

Little kids throw out 'I Love You' left and right.

Big kids cringe at public declarations of love (but I do it anyway).

Little kids go to bed nice and early.

Big kids stay up later than you do, and eat you out of house and home.

I'm not sure who comes out victorious with this list, but I love them all so very much. I love the age range of the children in our family that goes from 13-2. A little bit of each stage of young life. Maybe one day another infant will be thrown into the never know. NO-that is not a subliminal message everyone-relax.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I too love the range of ages - between mine and Joe's side of the family I have kids ranging from 16 - 2. It is a great variety - especially for people like Joe and I who love the little ones and all the firsts they experience - but also love to go upside down on a roller coaster with the big ones.

Each are awesome in their own way - even when they are wearing me out!!!