Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bigger the Bag.....

The more room for a mess. Right now, I am using a ROXY purse from Pacific Sun wear. I know, it's PACSUN now, but for too long it was Pacific Sun wear, so that's what it is to me. That's not exactly it, but that's the size of it, so you can get a good idea of what I'm working with here. It's pretty big, and has too much room for too much crap. Robert calls me 'grandma' every time I am digging through my purse for something. He asks me for a piece of 'pocket book' candy. You know you have a fuzzy mint every now and then in your purse, I don't care who you are. You also know that out of all of that stuff in your over-sized purse, you only NEED maybe 3 items. Yet it seems that you could survive for a week on what's in it. I cleaned mine out last night. I am not the woman at the register that is placing everything in it's home where it belongs, I am the woman that just throws everything in there, and I will 'fix it later'. Yeah...yeah. So I took inventory. Here we go....

A pocket planner



Empty bank envelopes

pack of instant oatmeal

day Quill gel caps

A light bulb (I need to make sure I get the right ones for my dining room!)

2 pens and a black sharpie ( I can never find that sharpie when I need it)

post its

a rubber band

paper clips

loose change

2 crystal light peach iced tea to-go packs

1 fuzzy uneatable piece of gum





cell phone

2 nail files (you know you hate when your out in public and you have a jagged nail)


feminine products


So humor me, and tell me...what's in your purse?

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