Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Costume Disaster

Without getting long winded, it went something like this....

Go to order the Lightning McQueen pit crew costume for Alex on shopdisney.com.

They don't have his size on line, so I call the 1-800 number.

They say they have it! GREAT! I order it, along with the helmet, and I tell Alex-He's stoked!

I get the helmet in the mail, and that's it. I call the 1-800 number.

They tell me it is out of stock, and has been out of stock. WHAT! This flares my temper that I blog about from time to time. The blood is boiling. Temp is rising.....I want a manager.

I get Jeff, he refunds me, and tells me they have one in the Carolina Place Mall with my name on it for me. AWESOME! And it went down in price even more than it already was! PERFECT!

I go there today to pick it up. GUESS WHAT??

It was removed from the shelves only in THAT SIZE because it was dangerous. But just in that size???? What if a large 2 year old bought a size 4?

I have a helmet that I paid for, no costume, and I have to tell Alex he's not going to be Lightning McQueen. I cared a lot more than he did.

I got the helmet for free, and scored a free pair of sneakers without even asking because when I called Jeff from my cell phone while I was standing in the store and told him what was going on, I think he already knew that I can get 'excited'. Please know I'm never disrespectful towards the person when I have my 'flare ups', I just get fired up when I'm told one thing, and another thing happens.

Hence, I got a cheap little piece together costume in Target. I took pictures, but the memory card was not in the camera. Brilliant. I'll try again, and you will see what he is going to be. Stay tuned.

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