Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us..

Me and my blog that is. 1 year ago today was my very first post. I have posts that I love, and posts I could do without. I'm sure everyone does. My main reason for this blog is not for outsiders to read it, but to have a journal of my life so I can print and bind it yearly, and save it for my children. Memory boxes are great too, but I'm thinking several books that share stories about our day to day life that they can read and share with their children and so on and so forth will be a priceless memory. I also noticed that I have abandoned Music Friday. When summer started and the kids were home everyday...things got wild, and I never got back in to it. I have had several ideas, but Music Friday sometimes requires research that I don't always have time for. So with that, and speaking of memories, I have decided to bring back The very first Music Friday post that holds tons and tons of memories for me, plus it was in the beginning of my blogging career, so new comers probably have not seen it. Here we go...

Music Lovers Challenge

Where to begin.....I would love to proudly say that I have no addictions. I'm not addicted to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, soda, coffee, reality T.V., or any T.V for that matter....but I do have one severe addiction. MUSIC. Since birth almost. I know music that was rocking the world before my parents even met. I consider it a gift, not an addiction. I would like to say every Friday will be some type of Musical post. Whether it be "Did you know?", or Trivia, etc. But I don't think I want to commit. So I will just say I would LIKE to do a post on music on Friday's, but don't hold me to it. This first post is a challenge to all of the hard core music lovers out there. I challenge you to beat out my concert attendances. You think you can do it? Let's see........


Guns N' Roses, Metallica x2
Madonna x2, Janet Jackson
The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac
The Doors(less Jim, of course)Pink Floyd
Dave Matthews Band x6(their huge to me)Phil Collins
Billy Joel - Elton John-dueling piano's-UNBELIEVABLE

90's Grungy Goodness and then some........

Rage against the Machine, Faith No More
Third eye Blind, Counting Crows
Nine Inch Nails, Vertical Horizon
Blink 182, Greenday x2
The Cranberries, Stone Temple Pilots
Smashing Pumpkins, Bush
Live, Wallflowers
Tool, Oasis
Weezer, Cold Play
311, Pearl Jam

Big, but not exactly HUGE

Duran Duran, Bon Jovi
The Greatful Dead, The Allman Brothers
Steve Miller Band, Psychedelic furs

Cheesy and humiliating

New Kids on the Blizzzock
Tiffany, Paula Abdul
Debbie Gibson, The Village People

Here's the last 2 that fell into Cheesy, and Big but not huge(for their time)
Great White/WhiteSnake
Hall & Oates-my very very first concert in 5th grade.

Alright, bring it on, I dare you to beat that list. I'm so proud of that list. I'm getting rusty, but I am looking for a come back next summer at Verizon....My son came to 2 concerts with me in the womb. He can actually say he attended a Doors concert-how about that! This list also excludes the concerts I have seen with my daughter. Hillary Duff, Cheeta Girls, Hanna Montana....add them to the Cheese category if you would like.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I said it last year and I will say it again - MOVE BonJovi out of the big but not huge catagory.