Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That Kind of Mother...

Do you have 'That kind of Mother'? The one that...well...ever since you've had children it's gone something like this....."Is she warm enough? Where's her jacket? She should have sneakers on if she's going to be walking a lot. I see her nose is running, have you taken her to the doctor? She's still just a baby you know. Is that food cool enough for her? She needs a blanket."

Do you have that mother? I do. She makes no apologies for it either. She will probably be this way forever and ever. The reason I bring this up is because I am waiting for my phone call back from her to get my butt chewed out for this picture below. Do you see why? She is livid that I let my son sit on the dock like that with no adult supervision. If I say "He's sitting right next to Morgan" she will reply...."Morgan is only 10! She's not a grown up! He could have fallen in the water! What's wrong with you!" I can hear my 10 minute lecture that I will be getting when she calls me back. We have these same issues when he climbs ladders on swing sets, playing near a pool WITH his life jacket on, and anything that there is even a small possibility that he could get hurt. Just to make her even more mad, I respond with answers like..."Well once he falls once, he'll know not to do it again." If you knew my mother this would crack you up because she doesn't need any extra pushing to get fired up. So what do you think? Do you see this photo as a danger? What you can't see is that this is the bay, and the water is maybe 3 feet below, and it's probably about 3 feet deep in this particular area. Even if he fell in, it would be a quick recovery. I know she hates that statement too as she's reading this. I love you Mom.

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Marie Marsicano said...

Don't you know kids can drown in just inches of water!!!

I will follow behind my mother on this one.