Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A typical day with Alex

it's 9 am.
So far we have visited the potty 3 times.
We have tried on and had to tie 4 different pairs of shoes.
His room is already to' up from the flo' up.
Right now, we are actually giving our undivided attention to the backyardigans...oh.....for 6 seconds.
Soon he will ask me for a waffle that he will not eat, and I will tell him all about wasting food.
I have already had to haggle with him about why he can not use the computer.
Right now I am keeping an eye on him with the pen he just found.
He just gave me a speech about personal space. I wonder where he got that from.
The backyardigans have some pretty good moves.
He has already asked for gum, and when I say no, he replies with, "Mommy, I'm using my manners!"

Oh yeah, and we also played hide and seek.........

P.S.-right now I am watching Backyardigans, and Alex is no where to be found. Good morning. Happy Tuesday.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I want to spend the day with him...