Sunday, November 9, 2008

And the Winner Is.....

I never win anything! I never really try to win anything, because I'm too cheap to put money in to wasteful stuff like raffles, or pools, but today our apartment complex was having a tailgate party at the pool area for the Panthers game. There was a huge projector, and we had wings, and hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks and little footballs for the kids, it was great! A fire pit, and lots of balloons and just a bunch of neighbors gathering together. It got cold, but it was fun! So anyway, I put my name in a few boxes at no cost to me, and I won 3rd and fourth quarter!!! I couldn't believe it! I won a really nice Panthers tailgate chair, AND a Panthers hooded sweatshirt! I was so excited! Here's a few pics from today. You can't tell, but we were all geared up in our Panthers clothes-except for Amber. She only has Jets attire, but we will get her something to show her Panthers spirit!

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