Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Compliments Of Character

Nothing beats a compliment of character. Surface compliments are just that, surface compliments. Most people can accomplish them after a shower, a good razor, some cologne/perfume, hair product, make-up, styling utensils, some time at the gym, and a nice looking wardrobe. And a great pair of shoes-of course. But to receive a compliment of character is far more rewarding. It's about who you are, on the inside. It's about how you represent yourself, and how others perceive you. It looks beyond your pretty face or six pack, to the person you will still be on the inside when your face gets old, and your skin gets loose, and your pants are hiked up under your bosom, and you lost your curves about 10 years prior, and your 6 pack turned in to a keg, and your teeth sit in a cup beside your bed at night. It's about your virtue. It's about your inner beauty. It's about your character.

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Marie Marsicano said...

This is so, so true. I am going to cut and paste a piece of an e-mail I sent to my sister-in-law Regina about my brother-in-law Steve and something he said to me:

You know at Church yesterday Pastor Steven said “We give, because He gave” and that you should never give/do because you feel obligated or feel that you have too or that you should or that you will get something in return……

I have to tell you something else (I am crying now) yesterday after I heard all of that in Church I remembered that when I went to the race track the day Steve was there somehow me, him and Joe were talking and Steve said you know Marie I don’t know how you do all you do and you are a great person (this is not what stuck with me) so then Joe said I hope one day it all comes back to her (ok here it is) and Steve said – It doesn’t have to come back to her, that is not why she does it, she does it because it is who she is. That is probably the nicest thing Steve has ever said to me – and it will stay in my heart forever. And I am not being sarcastic – I know he says nice things about me – but this one thing meant more to me than anything he has ever said before.

Those who know me well know I never, ever do something to "get it back" - I do it because it comes naturally to me - and when people recognize that, to me it is the best "gift" they can give me.