Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vera Bradley Craziness

Vera Bradley has taken over the South. I don't think they are nearly as popular up North, but they are everywhere down here. I don't particularly care for them. Too, too much color to possible match with your ensemble unless you are wearing solid colors. I have this diaper bag. I had a moment of being sucked in to the fad. Has that ever happened to you? And then your like....really? Did I really need that cut and sewn quilt for $92.00? Did I use it? Yeah-Not so much. I prefer a nap sack, it's out of my way, and not falling off my shoulder every time I lean over. Now Amber uses it when she sleeps out. Here's where the craze comes in. The little girls are obsessed with this stuff. Amber had like 3 things on her Christmas list, one being "Vera Bradley Stuff". She already has a lunch box, and 2 small purses that she got as gifts from her favorite Aunt. She also wants Uggs, and you can click here to see how I feel about those. My mother has a nice Vera set, but most of the patterns make me want to puke. They hurt my eyes. How about you? Love 'em or hate 'em?

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Holly Furtick said...

HATE HATE them. I think they are overpriced and ugly. If I am going to spend over 100$ on a bag I want it to be made of some type of animal skin.

PS. Love the vintage picture above!