Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Day with The Boyz

I spent the day with the three little guys of the family. Noah is 3 1/2, Alex will be 3 on Monday, and Logan is freshly 2. All in all, the day went well. It was nice for Alex to have friends over, because we really don't have any friends his age. They had a lot of fun. They even shared well. Here is how the day went.....

Here they are eating lunch after some play time.

Then after lunch was nap time.

Soon after they woke up, we had snack time.
Alex was having technical difficulties with his shirt.
During snack, we watched a few of these movies. I love this box set! It has 10 Christmas Classics!
Is this necessary? Really? FILTHY ANIMALS!!!!!

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Marie Marsicano said...

I need the top picture of Noah!!! And the one of the technical difficulties with the shirt.

How cute all of them together - I wish Little Joe was a little closer for just such occasions.