Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Old Man in the Making

My son cracks me up. Here are some on the things that come out of his freshly 3 year old mouth.

1. Mom, I have diarrhea.

2. Mom, how is my eczema?

3. Mom, I'm grumpy because I'm tired.

4. Mom, is this a snack? (if I serve my son anything less than a hot cooked meal with 3 or more food groups in it, this is what he says to me)

5. Mom, get in my 'car' (Lighting McQueen ride along) , we're going to Brooklyn Pizza.

6. What do you want to eat for dinner Alex? Reply: "Nakato's". My reply? "Get a job".

7. When he woke up on his birthday: "Mom, do I look three?"

8. Me: "Alexander John!" Alex: "That's mot my name! I'm Alexander John Delemo DA TURD!!!" My reply: "You are a turd Alex."

God definitely has a sense of humor. In a true test of my new vow to hold my temper, my daughter climbed in my bed yesterday morning for some bizarre reason with a bowl of cereal. Before she got her second knee on the bed, half of the bowl of cereal was kissing my sheets and pillows. As my body temperature rose, I immediately felt this was a TEST. I asked Amber to please go sit at the table with her breakfast, and finished my sentence with "Why are You testing me so early in the morning?......"

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Aimee and I said...

Frieds of the Joye's. We met them in the NICU with their girls. We are looking for continuous prayer warriors.

God Bless,

The Freemans :)