Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 Times, 4 Days, 4 Items

The offense: Amber answering me back 4 times in a row in a debate style fashion.

The punishment: 4 days in exile. She was permitted to come out of her room to eat, bathe, and do chores only. 4 days. Not a minute sooner. Happened to be on a weekend too. OUCH.

The long term repercussions: She lost her 4 favorite items indefinitely. She has to earn them back through consistent respect and good behavior.

1. Her Uggs (she cried instantly)

2. Her IPOD and IPOD port. Counts as 2 you say? Not ova hea.

3. If you look at the photo, her cable wire that runs from her T.V. to her wall is sitting there. Bye Bye Television.

4. Her Nintendo DS.

She finished a book during her punishment. We did bible study. She did chores with a smile just so she could leave her room.

Do not make empty threats to your children. If you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. Every bit of it. It will be what is best for you and them in the long run.

On a funny note...Amber said to me..."I would rather just get hit. Can't you just hit me, and then it would be over?" My response..."No baby, I have to hit you where it really hurts."


Karen said...

I love it when parents stick to their word and do what they say! Their children will grow up to be better people because of it, I am sure!!! I used to have a friend ( we don't see each other anymore...long story) but we were best friends in HS and I went through the birth of her two children with her....long story short - her kids are now 17 and 14 and I am scared for them to be in the real world! They know their mom is a push over and if they just keep asking and asking they will get what they want in the end. Dad, not so much - but he has his own set of issues - the me me me syndrom and his kids come after his wants if you know what I mean. It's so sad. It's very inspiring to know someone who is raising their kids in the 'right' way! Thanks for posting! Karen Luke

kristy said...

I'm with you on empty threats. Last year Alyssa's grades slipped a little and she didn't think it was that big of a deal, well her birthday came and No party. She had to earn her party after her grades went back up. Thats why she had her party in June(and her birthday is in March). She learned her lesson. Sorry Amber! :)