Friday, January 23, 2009

Beyonce' is in the House

I got my shoes! Robert bought me my dress, slip, tiara and veil, AND Amber's dress, so all I am in charge of is shoes and jewelry. I found a necklace on Craig's list that I am picking up tomorrow, and here they awesome shoes....they are so blingingly beautiful, aren't they? They are silver. I was going to wear red shoes, but when the bridal shop told me I had to bring my shoes to my fitting, I felt some type of discomfort that they were going to be RED. So I took that as a sign that red wasn't the right color. But SILVER....that's what I'm talkin' about. Plus I will rock these bad boys with jeans, or a dress, so I will get more use out of them. I keep hearing a fashion expert of some sort in my mind saying something like...."If your over age 10, you shouldn't be wearing white shoes." Has anyone heard that? Anyway....this is the only glimpse you will get of my ensemble.....When I showed them to Robert, he said "That's my J-LO"... and then he said "No..No...the other one...the one that's married to Jay-Z". I'm like "Beyonce'?" "YEAH...That's her." (bless him)

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Aracely said...

These shoes are simply gorgeous!! I love the design.!!