Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How many kids DO I have?

I physically gave birth to 2 children. I am 100% sure of this-I did it with no drugs. These are 6 hours total between the 2 of them that I will never forget. Yep. 3 hours a piece from start to finish. Go ahead and sip your Hateorade. There was no time for drugs.

With the way my day went yesterday, I do wonder how many kids I actually do have. Let's see...

I got a text mid day from my nephew Devin that said "When you go to the store today, can you get me some deodorant?" Most nephews wouldn't dream of texting their Aunt during school hours. Go figure.

I picked my niece Mackenzie up from school, and wound up with her for the rest of the day, for dinner, and for errands that I went on that I didn't even have my own kids.

At 5:30, my phone rang. "Colly? Are you at work or are you home?" It is now my nephew Isaiah, who had a performance at school last night at 7pm (My mother and sister drove an hour in traffic to make it to his performance, but I had other plans, so my role was "meals on wheels"). "We are done with practice, and everyone is going to eat something, so can you bring me chicken tenders, a drink, fries and a soda?" Right smack in the middle of dinner time. "Sure babe, I'll be there as soon as I can."

Burnt my arm, shoveled down my dinner, and brought him his food. Robert and I went to my friends house (a little late, as usual) for dessert and coffee. After a nice conversation, he agreed to perform our ceremony at the wedding! I am so excited!

So back to the question, How many kids DO I have? 3, 4, 5? Whatever the number is, it's all good. I love them all.


Marie Marsicano said...

The thing about each one of these kids is they are incredibly loveable. And they love, love, love spending time with us (their extended family). They are so proud when we are at school or athletic events - they want to introduce us to everyone they can.

I wrote an entry about them as well - see "The Johnsons" on my blog at

We are all tight knit and we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Kristy said...

Lol, I often feel this way when I have my niece Lilli. I find myself saying alot, "Funny, I don't remember this delivery"
I remember mine well, although unlike 6 hrs mine were a combined 42 hrs! (Alyssa 25 and Arianna 17). Its ok though, I wanted the drugs :)
Anyway, bottom line, we do what we do because we are awesome Aunts and they love us!