Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our First Gift

We went to my sisters house last night for Mexican night/Wedding Planning. We had so much fun. We were laughing and fighting and teasing each other (the married couples that were there are married over a decade, so we were picking on their ideas, and they were picking on ours)-it was a good time. Who said I can't play Led Zepplin at my wedding (watch me) and who banned country music-who thinks a song by Incubus is appropriate for a first dance, and who said "Who the heck is Incubus?" We picked the menu....we accomplished a lot, and had a great time doing it. Then my sister and Joe gave us our wedding gift. A 5 NIGHT STAY at The Lodge Alley Inn in Charleston South Carolina. The place is beautiful! They got us a 1 bedroom loft suite with a full kitchen-all of the amenities. No children, no computers, no work, just us for 5 nights. This will be a first! We are so excited! There is no room in the budget for a honeymoon, so we haven't even thought about it! What an awesome surprise! Who has the best sister and brother in law on earth! ME!!! Thanks guys!!

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Marie Marsicano said...

You both so deserve this!!! And as my nephew Taylor says - grown ups need alone time away from kids - it is healthy for the relationship.

I hope you make great memories in Charleston.