Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Brown House

Saturday night, we were at my sisters house. We had a little Valentine's Day dinner with us and our friends Daryl and Andre. All was going well, I was busy goofing off with the big kids, and my son was engaged in conversation with the adults. Next thing I knew, I hear a RoAR from the kitchen of uncontrollable laughter. I was hoping not to hear what came next....."COLLEEN CORBETT GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh no, what came out of that little but soooo big mouth now.

Daryl was asking Alex repeatedly if she could go home with him. He kept telling her no. Over and over. Finally, on her last effort, he replies.."No you can't, our house is not brown".

Daryl is 'Brown'. -You catch my drift?

They made him repeat himself to make sure they understood him properly. He said it again. Maybe 3 times.

Where does he get this stuff? I never EVER differentiate people by the color of their skin. In my house growing up, race was a non-issue, and if one of us kids were ever to make a racial comment, my father would have killed us. We were not raised that way. Alex goes to school with a beautiful mix of races and different ethnic backgrounds.

I believe it was just an observation, but a funny one at that. He needs to know that segregation ended a long time ago. You would think he would. He has a 'brown' cousin. I mean, my mother is more 'brown' than Daryl and she is allowed to come home with us. This brings me back to when he told a girl at my job...."You have hairy arms like a man." That was a 'proud parent' moment.


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Marie Marsicano said...

This was hilarious!!! Thank goodness our friends know our family well enough to know that it was an observation and nothing else.

PS - Daryl did call me yesterday to say - "Your mother is more brown than I am how does she go there!!!"