Sunday, February 15, 2009

I can't decide.....

If when I see someone brushing their teeth in a public bathroom, I should give them props for taking care of their teeth, or throw up in my mouth that they are exposing their toothbrush in a nasty facility.

Why I don't spend more time with my brother. When we do, we have a great time. Maybe it's because he has no kids.

If I want to make absolutely no money, and go to work in some type of children's learning center and work in the baby room. I can not explain to you the feeling in my heart when I see a room full of 0-18 month old babies. It's overwhelming.

If I want to go back to school. Early Child Development? Journalism?

Why I went to school a few months after my father died and commuted to Manhattan 5 days a week and wasted a year of tuition and time because I just wasn't ready.

If I am going to allow my future husband to name our future child (I hope) 'Robert'. How do you call a 2 month old 'Robert'? I may have to fight that.

If I want to cut my hair, or leave it long. I have had it all, and for the most part I don't like it when I cut it, but yet, long hair is boring. Go figure.

If I want to ask Robert just how much he paid for the amazing flowers he gave me yesterday.

Which card I like better. The card he handed me, or the card I found in a drawer this morning (aww).

If educating Amber to the best of my ability about the world we live in and the not-so-great things is helping her in life, or is it going to cause her to grow up fast?

Why some people try so hard to please/fit in with/imitate/appease others. That's a whole lotta work, with what return exactly? I would much rather just be me.

Why people bring something when they go to someones house, and then pick it up and take it with them when they leave. When you handed it to them, didn't it become theirs? Kind of like a gift? Totally Tacky. See. Not trying to appease anybody with that comment.

How to express my gratitude to the Quest team at Church. There's nothing like waking up to the voice of my son saying..."Jesus is THE KING, and he can do ANYTHING!"

Why anyone would wait on a line wrapped around a building for hours Really? It can't be that good.

Why anyone would even go out to eat on Valentine's Day. How about preparing your Sweethearts favorite homemade meal made with Love?

How long I could keep going with this, but I guess I will stop.

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