Monday, February 2, 2009

Sneak Peak At Awesomeness....

I'm not concerned with flowers,

I'm not concerned with ribbons and bows,

I'm not interested in listening to a wedding planner,

Go on and on about all that she knows,

My wish for our wedding,

As far as this goes,

Is to provide us with Music,

That will give us shivers, from our heads to our toes.

We will have the honor of Mack Brock performing at our up coming nuptuals. Here is a Sneak Peak At Awesomeness....


Karen said...

When he sang that at church it sent chills through me and brought tears to my eyes! The music at your wedding will be the BEST!!!

Marie Marsicano said...

Mack's voice is AWESOME - especially accapella. You will have beautiful music.