Saturday, March 14, 2009


Can't stand it.

Tired of hearing it.

Won't entertain it.

Turns into exaggeration and lies.

Nothing good comes out of it.

Hurts people.

Makes you a phony.

Makes you a coward. (Say it to their face tough guy)

I witnessed some cheesy gossip at work between last night and this morning.

I go to work, I work, and I leave. I try not to get involved in nonsense. I watched a game of 'telephone' from last night to this morning turn one incident into a big dramatic story that wasn't even true. I know. I was there at the scene of the drama.

One of the biggest lessons I have been trying to teach Amber is this...."Don't believe everything you hear". I always say that to her. Especially when she tells me some obviously off the wall made up story that someone told as a truth. Being gullible is not a good quality. Lying is ugly. All the he said she said garbage is ridiculous.

I set the record straight for the girl that wasn't even there to defend herself.

Then I worked, and did my thing.

Then as I was leaving and she was coming, I told her all that was said about her and what transpired this morning. Then I left.

No one had a word to say to her when she got to work, but had a whole lot to say when she wasn't there.

I can't stand it.

Gossip. No Bueno.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I could not agree with you more. What really kills me is when someone finds out somthing about someone else that I already knew and I get the "Why didn't you tell me?" - Ugh because that would be gossiping and it wasn't my place to give you that info!!!

Somethings you can totally share with friends about your other friends - but certain things are off limits and should stay that way.

Makes you really think about what you share with people.