Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have you been scanned?

I haven't. On Facebook. Yet. But it's coming. I've been threatened. Twice.

Have you been scanned? Is your prom picture on facebook right now? Or your 5th grade class photo? Are you o.k. with this? Have you forgotten just how funny looking you really were? Or how great you used to look? My sister said there should be a rule that any photo that was produced from a non-digital camera should stay that way. No scanning rights for those photos.

I just started scanning photos like 3 months ago. I'm very much behind with technology, I know. I love scanning old photos. I'm going to dig through my stash. You will probably be seeing some Old School Corbett photos soon. Good Stuff.

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Marie Marsicano said...

Old photos are great - but I am "the sister" that says if the photo wasn't taken digitally is should remain in print form only!!!

If I had a scanner I would really get even. :)

Guess I can make some time to go stand in CVS and bring out my Old Skool shots.....

Who is nervous???